Latest Result Chart of Gali, Deshawar, Gaziabad and Faridabad

Satta King Disclaimer

Dear user, We would like to inform you that we and our site ( is not involved with any online gambling activity. All the data on the website are just records and are sponsored. we do not want to harm the rules and regulations of any country. we also want to inform you that playing the Satta king game may not legal in your country so it’s better to quit from today. Thanks


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What is website? is a trending website which updates regular satta king results and uploads chart of all kind of games. It mainly includes four markets i.e. Desawar, Gali, Gaziabad and Faridabad. 

How to try your luck in Satta king?

Satta game is a very simple game like other games. You only need some basic knowledge to play this game. This game is played on daily basis and result is announced in form of numbers. You can play this game online as well as offline. In the offline, you have to visit your nearest khaiwal to play this game and in case of online, you have to download satta king application. There are various applications for satta king game. The procedure to play this game is almost same in both cases. You have to wait untill the result comes. You can check online result quickly.You have to select some random numbers between 0 to 99 and to raise some amount on selected numbers of a particular game like Desawar, Gali, Faridabad etc. If the result comes the number you selected, then yoy recieve 90x amount of money you earlier raised.

What is satta king online chart?

Satta king gae mainly consists two things. One is the result is occurs on fixed time like gal and other is chart contains all pat results which is used to find upcoming numbers. You can see this chart online on any website. It is also known as satta result record, desawar satta king chart, desawar gali chart, faridabad chart 2019, desawar record, desawar satta king chart, satta king online chart. 

How to get satta leak fix number?

There are various websites which gives fix number of various games like Desawar, Gali etc. Some websites gives the number in exchange of some money and some gives it for free. These are also known as satta leak, satta leak number, satta king leak number, satta leak number free, satta leak number today etc.

What is satta result online?

There are various types of games of satta king. All game results are opens at different times. Satta result is the result which comes in a two digit number and opens at a fix time. It is also known as satta king game, satta result today, satta fast result, , satta result satta result, satta result faridabad, satta result today desawar, satta result disawar etc. 

How to get satta king fast result?

You can visit our website to get results fast. 

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